This is how we roll (and stretch)

Launching our new exercise classes

This month we will be launching our new exercise classes, starting with our stretch class on Thursday lunchtimes and our Wednesday evening foam rolling class. Classes will last approximately 40 minutes in the gym at the clinic. Image from: Image from:

To book the classes and reap some of the benefits of renewed flexibility and better posture just email us at (using the subject heading “STRETCH CLASS” or “FOAM ROLL CLASS”) or call 0141 2372 721.

You can purchase a block of 7 in advance for £36 or pay £6 per class on arrival.

This is how I roll Image from

This is how I roll Image from

Foam Rolling
Wednesday’s at 5.15pm, commencing on 29th April 2015.

This soft tissue release technique helps lengthen structures which become tight, it also helps with improving blood flow and flushing out toxins from the body. Releasing the tension helps correct movement patterns allowing for enhanced performance. This all sounds great, but don’t be fooled as certain areas may be a little tender. However, you will feel taller and more relaxed after.

Thursday’s at 12.30pm, commencing on 23rd April 2015.

This full body stretch consists of dynamic and static stretches (see website for more info: Again this helps improve general flexibility, flushing out waste products and reduces the build up of stress/ tension which can lead to muscle pain and postural problems. Working from the toes upwards this will leave your body feeling more relaxed and supple.

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