Introducing our ‘First Class’ Strength and Conditioning service

Introducing our new ‘First Class’ Strength and Conditioning service, by our fully qualified Physiotherapists. We can help you reach your health and fitness goals in conjunction with ongoing injury rehabilitation, prehabilitation or as a stand alone project.

Many of us spend a lot of time and money on gym and sports club memberships and even more on personal trainers to inspire and motivate our training. But often we become frustrated when our training or competition is disrupted or even halted by injury.

It is well known that Physiotherapy can help us when we get injured and even help prevent injury, but here at First Class Physiotherapy we can offer so much more! We have Physiotherapists who specialise in S&C programming and training themselves, so are well placed to give you everything you need to gain strength safely and efficiently, whilst preventing injury occurring.

Our Physiotherapists will prepare a personalised 4 week gym or home exercise programme for you (£50). This is so much more than a rehabilitation programme which helps return you to normal function. This programme will support you to build strength safely and gradually and by the end be even better than your “normal”.

What’s more, we will attend your gym or your home to demonstrate the exercises and correct your technique on week 1 (£45) and will be happy to return for a review after 4 weeks to ensure you are continuing to progress and are happy with your results (£35).

You can take each service individually, or have a look at our package options:

Package 1: A fully tailored 4 week S&C programme and a 1 hour demo session with a Physiotherapist- £80.

Package 2: A fully tailored 4 week S&C programme, 1 hour demo session with a Physiotherapist and a 1 hour review after 4 weeks, that’s 8 weeks of training for only £115.

If you would like more information about this service contact us via our website, email or call 0141 237 2721

First Class Physiotherapy- You’re in Good Hands!

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