International Women’s Day – a different take

I’m reading a lot of posts about it being International Women’s Day today, and one in particular stood out:

“’Here’s to equality for women worldwide’. Fair enough, but yet to see International Men’s Day” – Anon

Now, I’m all for celebrating women worldwide, in the workplace, at home and everywhere else for that matter, but I’m inclined to agree with the above post. Should we have an International Men’s Day to celebrate what the male of the species bring to life?



The whole subject has been ringing bells for me as this is my first full day back at work since having my baby daughter last August. Now more than ever do I realise what my Mum and countless other working Mums do for us every day. Physiotherapy tends to be a female dominated profession, and has this in common with lots of the caring professions like nursing, occupational therapy, massage therapy and child care to name a few. Should we be questioning why more women than men choose these professions, or should we just accept that maybe many women prefer a “caring” role in the workplace? Have they actively chosen their paths, or has society steered them in that direction? Does it matter what any of us does for work, as long as we’re good at it?

And on that note, why celebrate just women when we can all be thankful for one another’s contributions today?

While I’m celebrating the achievements of women who can take care of their little ones, keep a house and also get to work with clothes on their back and ideas in their brain (a feat I’ll tell you, ask Kim Kardashian), I also feel like high-fiving my husband who also works, keeps a house and takes care of a child. This is equality. And this is what many men as well as women are doing today and every day, so high fives all round.

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