Each week we have a series of classes and groups led by qualified, experienced physiotherapists who want to help you get more out of your day. Usually taking between 45 minutes and an hour, our activities range from foam rolling and stretch classes to our running group and biomechanical assessments. This means you have the potential to become fitter, stronger, more flexible and supple, have the chance to exercise with others and take some much needed time for yourself.

Here’s a list of activities (our biomechanical assessments can be booked any time; they’re a tailored service for each individual):

  • Tuesday          Running Group          5.15pm for 5.30pm
    • starting at our clinic across from Central Station (2.11 Standard Buildings, 94 Hope Street)
  • Wednesday    Foam Rolling Class    5.15pm
  • Thursday        Stretch Class               12.30pm

You can attend an individual class for £6 or book a block of 7 stretch or foam roll classes for £36. Each week at the running group costs £3, and we provide drinks (non-alcoholic) at the end.

If you’d like to book, or find out more about what we do, call 0141 2372 721, or email us on

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