Announcing the new ‘First Class’ Management Team


The First Class Physiotherapy (FCP) team started the new year intent on adding more and more to an already ‘First Class’ range of services and standard of care we provide for every one of our valued patients. We wanted to enhance what we offer and take our services off site to even more local businesses. We have certainly achieved this so far and FCP has enjoyed an exciting and strong start to 2018.

We are now delighted to announce another piece of exciting news. A new team of Directors from another established company, Athlete Focused (AF), who took over ownership of FCP on Friday 27th April 2018, will now drive the business onwards on the next leg of its journey!

The AF Directors are very ambitious and similar minded to the now former FCP management team and have been successful in their take-over bid because we know they will maintain the highest standards and performance, whilst gently integrating their own ideas with what already works for our patients and friends.

In addition, AF are very excited to roll out even more services to compliment the style and set up already in place and everyone can look out for these in the coming months and beyond.

The outgoing Directors would like to thank FCP patients, associates and friends, both past and present for the part they have played in FCP’s journey during the last six and a half years. Your support has been paramount to the success of our business and it has been a real pleasure working with you all.

Rachel and Susan are very excited to see FCP continue to flourish under new ownership and wish the new team all the best in their new venture. If you have any questions or we can be of any assistance during this transition, we would be more than happy to help. All clinic contact details remain unchanged.

Phone: 0141 237 2721

Please also look out for our email regarding the upcoming Data Protection legislation (GDPR) changes. Just click ‘opt in’ to continue to hear from us! Thank you!

First Class Physiotherapy – You’re (still) in Good Hands!

Rachel and Susan

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